About GDILab

PT. Generasi Digital Internasional (GDILab) is a startup technology company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The embryo of this company was created back in December 2013 by 2 co-founders: Billy Boen and Jefri Dinomo.

We are the first Indonesian company that provide an open analytics tool or Software as a Service (SaaS) as part of our services. It's called GDIAnalytics, Social Intelligence Platform for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

LEAP Technology

We have developed a smart tech called LEAP (Listen Engage Analyze Predict) Technology. LEAP was developed 100% by our very own engineer team and becomes backbone of all our products and services. LEAP Technology is being continuously improved in order to enable our products not only for listening and monitoring purposes, but also for prediction purposes.

Vision and Mision

Our vision is to help people and businesses through digital analytic technology.

Our mission is to bring solutions for businesses by providing social media analytics and real-time listening-monitoring online platforms.


We have a partnership with Digital Associates Co. Ltd. (DA), an analytic company in Thailand. DA focused on sound (ads, music, voice) and image (face) analytics. Currently, DA is one of the best analytic companies in Thailand, controlling majority of analytic market share for government and businesses.

We also provide a custom plan based upon your needs.
For more information, contact us at info@gdilab.com or call (021) 7179 6431.